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Linux on ARM, v2

Saturday, February 7th, 2009

ARM and Movial released a second version of the ARM Linux Internet Platform (ALIP). ALIP is a stable software stack including most of the GNOME Mobile stack. It’s not a full distribution including hundreds of applications like OpenEmbedded but it’s meant to  provide a solid software stack for easily creating your own embedded project for any ARM based hardware.

ALIP is designed to integrate a hardware specific BSP, including proprietary BSPs, with a generic Linux software stack  (e.g. GNOME Mobile) providing a straightforward way of creating a base for a new product. The UI and application layer is expected to be product specific and ALIP includes only a simple Matchbox based desktop environment.

The changes from the first release are listed thoroughly on the generic-2 release notes but here’s a list of the biggest changes:

Kaze‘s (similar to alip-project but using XFCE instead of Matchbox) master branch is already updated to match the new generic-2 release but it’s not branched for stable release yet.