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Browser D-Bus Bridge hits 1.0

Tuesday, May 5th, 2009

After prolonged slumber, the beast has awaken.

And after furious few weeks of hacking I’m pleased to announce that the Browser D-Bus Bridge finally reached the goals set for the first official release. Unlike the usual cautious approach of releasing with low numbers, I decided to aim high and give the dreaded one-oh slate to the first release.

So what were the goals?

First and foremost the type support needed fixing, there was missing types (structs and variants) and inadequate support for nested complex types. Much hair pulling later, there should not be types that cannot be transferred through the Bridge (knock on wood, naturally every possible combination hasn’t been tested).

The most exciting new feature is the introspection support. Previously the API was defined in terms of creating individual methods and signals, but now you can simply point the Bridge to a service and say “I want this interface, ok?”. What you get is a JS object that already contains the method and signal objects so you can just set your callbacks and fire away.

For a release there needs to be serious documentation, and so now the dbus.js API wrapper is annotated with jsdoc comment blocks. Generated docs are available online (see the wiki page).

Naturally, also all sorts of silly leaks were plugged, but let’s not pay attention to those ;)

You can find the release tag in the git repository or if you prefer, download the 1.0 release tarball. The tarball includes generated documentation, which has few cosmetic changes over the release tag. It also includes a compilation fix to jscore tester utility not present in the tag. Sorry about that.