Browser D-Bus Bridge 1.2

Another bugfix release of BDB was more than overdue, finally got around to do it.

There is on sort of new feature included though, the build supports now building the WebKit flavor against (a modified) QtWebKit. The actual jscorebus code is unchanged wrt this, it just gets linked to a different library. This is necessary since JavaScriptCore is (at least currently) not distributed as a separate library, but instead inside the WebKit libraries.

Unfortunately QtWebKit doesn’t expose the JavaScriptCore API (I think they want to leverage QtScript usage by this) so there are few patches to QtWebKit required to actually use jscorebus with QtWebKit. The patches are included in the (very general) setup instructions.

Changelog for 1.2 can be viewed here.

One Response to “Browser D-Bus Bridge 1.2”

  1. Badusha Says:

    What about *reading* the post? ;)node.js is already there but it’s sihntmoeg I need to keep updated, jsc is the core JavaScript library that is updated every time WebKit nightly asks me to update and automatically ;)Finally, jsc is the JS by default while node.js brings V8, which is not the default in Mac (but I am using both, better than one)

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