2008-11-10 Kalle VahlmanRemove accidentally committed binary (whoops)
2008-11-05 Kalle Vahlman[maker] Fix the pkg-config issue so that XPCOM build...
2008-11-05 Kalle Vahlman[maker] Fix installing when only XPCOM version is build...
2008-11-04 Kalle Vahlman[XPCOM] Change few missed printfs to BDBLOG
2008-11-03 Kalle VahlmanAdd JS wrapper
2008-11-03 Kalle VahlmanAdd top-level Makefile
2008-11-03 Kalle VahlmanImport the XPCOM version
2008-11-03 Kalle VahlmanImport the WebKit version
2008-11-03 Kalle VahlmanAdd the Maker build system
2008-11-03 Kalle VahlmanStart out with licensing info