descriptionMedia player with Gstreamer and Octopus backends.
last changeSat, 11 Apr 2009 06:37:24 +0000 (09:37 +0300)
2009-04-11 Tuomas KulveReplaced video widget with simple video window with... master
2009-04-01 Tuomas KulveFix compile warning by cleaner skip_direction() impleme...
2009-04-01 Tuomas KulveWhite space clean up.
2009-04-01 Tuomas KulveAdded initial support for .pls playlists.
2009-04-01 Tuomas KulveRemoved pointless check for http uri.
2009-04-01 Tuomas KulveINSTALL file is autogenerated with autoreconf.
2009-04-01 Tuomas KulveUse just autoreconf in
2009-04-01 Tuomas KulveRemoved transparent background from the icons.
2009-03-31 Tuomas KulveRemoved extra spaces.
2009-03-31 Kalle VahlmanAdd repeat option and reorganize the menu structure...
2009-03-31 Kalle VahlmanReorganize and fix the backend detection. Add configura...
2009-03-25 Kalle VahlmanAdd Octopus backend to the build system.
2009-03-25 Kalle VahlmanCreate Octopus kilikali-audio backend if so configured
2009-03-25 Kalle VahlmanAdd Octopus D-Bus API support code
2009-03-25 Kalle VahlmanAdd initial Octopus media server implementation of...
2009-03-24 Kalle VahlmanWe might get a stream position event even though we...
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