2008-04-08 Timo Savolasave log in verbose mode
2008-04-08 Timo Savolaremove dirty components from cache
2008-04-08 Timo Savolafix cleaning
2008-04-08 Timo Savoladirty files after a clean is not really an error
2008-04-08 Timo Savolamove -j and -mj to global config
2008-04-08 Timo Savolaprefix logged errors instead of separating them with...
2008-04-08 Timo Savolaprint path to relevant log file on build failure
2008-04-08 Timo Savola-k option builds as many components as possible
2008-04-08 Timo Savolafix dirty files reporting
2008-04-08 Timo Savolaadd more buildable components after built component...
2008-04-08 Timo Savolasort initially built components
2008-04-08 Timo Savolasort using cmpfunc, not by key
2008-04-06 Timo Savolause Repository.__str__() in messages
2008-04-06 Timo Savolatransparent progress info output
2008-04-06 Timo Savolaaccept directory in place of component name
2008-04-06 Timo Savolaless verbose config parsing
2008-04-06 Timo Savolamore sophisticated build loop
2008-04-06 Timo Savolacache cache status
2008-04-06 Timo Savolause Repository.dirty_files() in cache
2008-04-06 Timo Savolareorganized component and repository code into separate...
2008-04-06 Timo Savolaclone component before building
2008-04-06 Timo Savolause git reset to check out specified commit
2008-04-06 Timo SavolaComponent.get_tag() -> Repository.get_commit()
2008-04-06 Timo Savolagit rev_parse with --verify
2008-04-06 Timo Savoladon't cache tag in Component
2008-04-06 Timo Savolagit archive cleanup
2008-04-05 Timo Savolaimplement component comparison
2008-04-05 Timo Savolabuild module
2008-04-05 Timo Savolalog module
2008-04-05 Timo Savolareturn an error code when build fails
2008-04-05 Timo Savolacache module
2008-04-05 Timo Savolamove build logic and state into a class
2008-04-05 Timo Savoladeferred error message output
2008-04-04 Timo Savolaremove flock dependency by invoking make separately...
2008-04-04 Timo Savolarebase command
2008-04-04 Timo Savolagit branch functions are no longer needed
2008-04-04 Timo Savolamore consistent build and pull messages
2008-04-04 Timo Savolafix source-dist for new repository layout
2008-04-04 Timo Savoladon't clean meta directory
2008-04-04 Timo Savolaclone only meta repositories by default
2008-04-04 Timo Savolafix cache updating
2008-04-04 Timo Savolafix and clean up help message
2008-04-04 Timo Savolamove git repository existence check out of getvar
2008-04-04 Timo Savolagit checkout doesn't require explicit branch parameter
2008-04-04 Timo Savolaforce option
2008-04-04 Timo Savolatry to use relative directories
2008-04-04 Timo Savolareorganize repository layout
2008-04-04 Timo Savolagit pull error fix
2008-04-04 Timo Savolainstall scripts
2008-04-04 Timo Savolause MATRIX_SCRIPTDIR in scripts
2008-04-03 Timo Savolause "build-cache" as the default cache dir
2008-04-03 Timo Savolaremove unused and broken get_active_arch()
2008-04-03 Timo Savoladon't use built-in set type
2008-04-02 Timo Savolause built-in set type
2008-04-02 Timo Savolause new-style classes
2008-04-02 Timo Savolasetup script
2008-04-02 Timo Savolareorganize and remove legacy stuff
2008-04-02 Timo Savolaimport