descriptionMemory tester
last changeTue, 1 Dec 2009 10:51:58 +0000 (12:51 +0200)
2009-12-01 Kalle VahlmanImport ARM NEON memcpy implementation by Siarhei Siamas... master
2009-08-14 Kalle VahlmanUse $(CC) instead of hard-coding gcc
2008-10-16 Kalle VahlmanAdd licensing information (MIT license)
2008-10-16 Kalle VahlmanRemove unused and redundant tests
2008-10-15 Ilpo RuotsalainenFix failure messages in raw mode and make normal mode...
2008-10-15 Ilpo RuotsalainenAdd SIGILL check for memset also and fix some memory...
2008-10-15 Ilpo RuotsalainenImplement probing; if a test causes SIGILL in warmup...
2008-10-15 Ilpo RuotsalainenFix memset test in loop test cases.
2008-10-15 Ilpo RuotsalainenRemove more-or-less pointless tests.
2008-10-15 Ilpo RuotsalainenReplace old simple loop tests with more interesting...
2008-10-02 Tuomas KulveAdded #ifdef USE_NEON around NEON code to avoid sigill...
2008-10-02 Tuomas KulveAdded -fPIC for for x86_64 environments.
2008-10-02 Tuomas KulveAdded #ifdefs for ARM in NEON memcpy.
2008-10-02 Tuomas KulveAdded ARM NEON memcpy by Mans Rullgard.
2008-09-16 Kalle VahlmanAdd simple backtrace-poking for debugging
2008-09-16 Kalle VahlmanAdd ability to define debug stuff with 'make DEBUG...
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