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Contact: sandbox-developers at

Callithrix logo

Callithrix is a simple, slimline browser user interface designed for Linux based Mobile Internet Devices (MID). It is designed for small screens: it has only few buttons, large enough for the user to touch with his finger and the functionalities are stripped down to the minimum set necessary for basic browsing experience.

The name Callithrix is a latin word meaning the genus of Marmosets, new world monkeys which are small, lightweight and appealing, all characteristics this browser aims to have.

The browser uses the XULRunner runtime environment and the Gecko layout engine.

Source code

Callithrix screenshot

Source browser is available at

The source tree is similar to other Gecko based projects which is the following:

  • application.ini
  • chrome/
    • chrome.manifest
    • content/
      • .xul files for ui layout and .js files for functionality
    • locale/en-US/
      • .dtd files containing language dependent labels
    • skin/
      • .css files for style declarations
      • icons/
        • .png files for button icons, etc
    • branding/
      • callithrix brandnames, logos, etc
  • defaults/
    • preferences/
      • prefs.js containing default preferences


Here are the recorded plans for current and future development for the browser functionalities.

0.5 Basic Functionalities

The basic functionalities: back, forward, stop and reload are implemented. The user can also add bookmarks and edit and delete them, change some settings (related to startup, homepage, downloads and proxy) and go to his home page.

1.x Advanced Functionalities

  • Tabs (and opening Downloads and Bookmarks in tabs instead of popup windows)
  • The option of using panning instead of using scrollbars (better usability with touch screens)

Getting Started

You need XULRunner in order to run Callithrix. Run with command

$ xulrunner <path-to>/application.ini