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Source code

Source browser is available at;a=summary


Matrix is a tool for managing source code packages (or "components") and controlling their building and installation. The packages can either form a complete operating system or just an application suite or such. Other similar tools include BitBake (OpenEmbedded), GAR/GARNOME and the ports mechanisms used by BSD systems and source-based Linux distributions.

Matrix uses the Git version control system for managing the components and their meta data. Component development/maintenance is coupled with system integration, which simplifies workflows. Making a change to a component and rebuilding the complete system is easy. Upgrading to new upstream versions or integrating fixes is convenient (even if the upstream project doesn't use Git).

Matrix is intended to be used with Scratchbox 1 or Scratchbox 2. Matrix relies on Scratchbox for cross-compilation and sandboxing; if you don't need either (e.g. you want to install applications to your host system), you can use Matrix without Scratchbox.

Matrix was developed by Movial and released under GPL 2 or later. Matrix-related topics may be discussed on the #alip IRC channel in the Freenode network.


  • Scratchbox Apophis <>
    • scratchbox-core
    • scratchbox-libs
    • scratchbox-devkit-git
    • scratchbox-devkit-mtd - optional (required for matrix-rootfs)
    • scratchbox-devkit-cputransp - optional



Released source packages can be downloaded here.

The bleeding-edge version can be tracked using Git:

 git clone git://
  • If you are using Matrix with Scratchbox 1, download Matrix to your Scratchbox home directory.
  • You can use the http protocol if you are behind a firewall and the git protocol doesn't work for you.
  • You can also view the repository.

Matrix programs can be run directly from the source directory (either explicitly or via PATH):

 matrix/bin/matrix --help
 PATH=matrix/bin:$PATH matrix-rootfs --help

Alternatively, Matrix can be installed:

 cd matrix
 python install --prefix=/host_usr


For an elaborate real-world example of how to use Matrix, see Integration overview of ARM Linux Internet Platform.